Get You Seen
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Public Relations

Public relations is the process of positioning you into the public eye. Our aim is to attract positive attention to your brand and place your business where it needs to be in order to be seen. Be it traditional media such as magazines and newspapers, trade publications or even online zines and blogs — we cover it all! We offer packages and budgets to suit all; ranging from a one-off campaign to an on-going representation. We can tailor to your budget, company and requirements.

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Sales & Retail

The team have a range of excellent contacts to some of the best known retailers in the UK, which has stemmed from over twenty years of experience within the sales and retail industry. We can also help if you’re already in retail by increasing your sales with our expertise.

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The term marketing can be explained through market sellers taking their stock to market and making it attractive to their customers. We do exactly that by approaching your market and promoting your brands use and value through a continuous cycle of research, implementation, reviewing and re-implementation. Alongside viral marketing we can also offer physical campaigns.

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Sales & Product Development

The Get You Seen team has a vast experience of developing product ranges for sectors including cosmetics and beauty, fashion, textiles, interiors and jewellery, to name a few. Whether you have the concept, have a brief for us or need our guidance, we can help you develop your product through extensive research of the market, branding, sourcing production, and manufacturing.

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Social Media

Social Media is such a powerful tool for accessing your existing clients and to interest potential clients. From Twitter through to LinkedIn, Get You Seen can help improve or create any social media platform you desire. In turn we can create a virtual personality for you; one that brings together your brand values and ethos. Through these channels we can interact with your most important stakeholders; the public. We can measure the success of these efforts and tailor these results to optimise your communication with the audience. We believe that copywriting goes hand in hand with social media and can also offer an array of skills such as blogs, biographies, website copy and more.